Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Other Fiction

These essays are listed in chronological order so as to provide a clean line for seeing the development of the characters.

There are two pages—Fictional Timeline and Character Ages—that summarize the temporal aspect of the “Xenoverse.”


A Sorcerer’s Daily Morning Ritual

Indentured to Sentridemus

The House of Spirit

The Sheriff’s Tale

The Monastery of Arra

Night of the Assassins

Description of Dojo Darelir

Xenograg’s Dimension-Spanning Daily Routine

The Catdemoness Shakira

Into Yllowfort Castle

Power of Life and Death

Umta the Gladiator

A Magic Compass

The Nur-Wan


A Petition, an Audience, an Embassy

Siege of Atmari

Repaying a Debt

Grimblade Comes

Into The Night

The Hands of the Queen Are the Hands of a Healer

Returning to the Imperial School

Street War

I Accuse!

Alatar’s Rebuke

Entreating the Mother-Goddess

Bey of Xenodar

Minas FormenyaNew

This Sorcerer’s Rod

Justice in Rhydin

Into the Astral

Yet Another Sorcerous Student

Sword Training For Young Students

A Spell is a Process, Not a Thing

A Lesson on Magical Shielding

Initiation of a Sorceress

Apprentice Sorceress

Amanda’s Nightmare

Rescuing Grimblade

HRH Prince Torin, Duke of Yllowfort

Rite of Passage

Xenograg as Archetype

Sorcery is Battle Magic

The Hard Truth

Urrograg’s Army


Eldicor is Gone

Elmö, Equerry to Xenograg

Elmö’s ObligationIn Progress

Elemental Blade of FireNew

What If…Xenograg Lived to be 250 Years Old?