Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Street War


Dojo Darelir resides on a side street near the outer gate of Rhydin City’s Old Temple District. For over a decade, Xenograg has provided genuine protection for the shopkeepers in his local neighborhood block, as opposed to the parasitic variety offered by the various underworld groups. Whether through negotiation or bloody confrontations, the bosses accepted that there was no profit to be made in this part of the city.

Things have changed of late, however.

It is obvious that this neighborhood is being specifically targeted, both as new territory and as payback for past resistance. Several buildings have been burned out completely, their owners murdered. Many more shops have simply closed. All but two of the remaining merchants have bowed to the pressure and now pay tribute.

Despite the slaying of two dozen enforcers and two successive bosses, Xenograg is losing the battle for his neighborhood. Ten Rellugai are dead, including Captain Ajeh. Recruits have been slow in arriving from New Mountainside, and they need education in city life even before training in street fighting. Corrupt city watchmen have curtailed the freedom of Xenograg’s retainers; only counter-bribes have kept them out of prison.

Only Xenograg and two veteran retainers now dare leave Dojo Darelir at night. Avoiding the city watch, they continue to fight for control of the streets. They check on the two stalwart merchants and the guardsmen who protect them. They also kill any thief, thug, pimp, or slaver they encounter. Neither Xenograg nor his men are above ambush or murder, an arrow in the back or a knife in the throat. No quarter is asked or given.

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