Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Not Superior to Man

The savage fails to recognize those limitations to his power over nature which seem so obvious to us. In a society where every man is supposed to be endowed more or less with powers which we should call supernatural, it is plain that the distinction between gods and men is somewhat blurred, or rather has scarcely emerged. The conception of gods as superhuman beings endowed with powers to which man possesses nothing comparable in degree and hardly even in kind, has been slowly evolved in the course of history. By primitive peoples the supernatural agents are not regarded as greatly, if at all, superior to man; for they may be frightened and coerced by him into doing his will. At this stage of thought the world is viewed as a great democracy; All beings in it, whether natural or supernatural, are supposed to stand on a footing of tolerable equality.

James G. Frazer, The Illustrated Golden Bough, p. 65