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Romans Made War As Much Business As Art

That the Romans clearly understood the source of their strength is readily understood from one of the introductory sentences of Vegetius: “We see that the Roman people have conquered the world by nothing other than drill in arms, camp discipline, and experience in campaigning.” The Gauls surpassed them in numbers, the Germans in height, the Spaniards in strength, the Carthaginians in craftiness and resources, the Greeks in the sharpness of their wits, yet the Romans were able to beat them all because of the thorough and rigorous training they gave their recruits, their meticulous attention to the smallest details, and the business-like manner in which they provided materials of war. Results that the Greeks achieved by inspiration, the Romans gained by labored effort. They made war as much a business as an art.

Eugene S. McCartney, Warfare by Land and Sea, p. 93

Emphasis mine.

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