Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Eldicor is Gone

During the “Battle Against the Chalkotu” storyline in Y76, I added a paragraph just for flavor:

Xenograg’s contingent…now numbered twenty-four. Xenograg had accepted six Eldicoreans into temporary service, including—scandalously—a young Eldar male. The elf was given the highest position of honor possible, that of Xenograg’s personal bannerman.

It was a throwaway line solely for my own amusement. The elf was never mentioned again or named. Upon learning of the death of Teleperien’s player, I looked for a way to “announce” the disappearance of her realm of Eldicor. Prior to that, I had been looking to add new persons of hench to Xenograg’s retinue. These two ideas come together here.

For the record, J. R. R. Tolkien’s inclusion of the umlaut makes the correct pronunciation of the elf’s name “EL-meh”.


Xenograg has just donned his training gear in Dojo Darelir’s actual dojo when a guardswoman enters through the outer door.

“Master,” she says, “a young male elf has just been admitted through the front gate. He bore a card. He says his name is Elmö of Eldicor.” Xenograg is visibly surprised at the name.

“Elmö? This is unexpected. Come!” replies Xenograg and passes the guard as he strides through the outer door. The guardswoman falls in behind.

“Master, I left him in the stable. He came with two horses.” Xenograg makes a left turn and enters the stable. A tall individual with dark hair is leaning over to check the hooves of an unfamiliar palfrey.

“Elmö, welcome to Dojo Darelir,” greets Xenograg with a smile. Elmö looks up suddenly before quickly releasing the hoof and standing upright.

“Thank you, My Lord.” Now face-to-face, Xenograg can see that Elmö’s gambeson and trousers are muddy from a long journey.

“Come. Can I offer you a change of clothes?”

“Yes, please.” Xenograg turns to the guardswoman and gestures with his head. She nods acknowledgment and departs on the errand. Xenograg leads Elmö to his study.


“Yes, My Lord.” Xenograg gestures to the dry bar beside the door.

“Help yourself.” Elmö quickly takes up a glass and the carafe of water.

“Thank you again, My Lord.”

“You have ridden all the way from Eldicor?” Elmö takes a long, slow drink of water before answering.

“Yes, My Lord. I didn’t know what else to do.” Xenograg comes alert at that unexpected statement. Before he can ask, the door opens again. The guardswoman enters with a fine maroon robe. She lays the caftan over the back of the couch and the slippers on the floor, then departs.

“Is there a problem?” asks Xenograg. Elmö’s face tightens into a grimace, and Xenograg’s stomach drops. Elmö puts down his glass and faces Xenograg.

“My Lord, Eldicor is gone. From Rhydin.” Xenograg visibly flinches. He cannot breathe. He forces himself to sit down into his chair. Elmö walks to and sits on the couch. His eyes are shiny with unshed tears. Xenograg takes a gasp of air, then another. He drops his face into his hands.

Elmö realizes he is sitting on the couch in dirty clothes, and stands. He moves into the corner of the room and changes into the robe but leaves his boots on. Xenograg looks up.

“Forgive me, Elmö. I have only lost a few friends. You have lost your home and your family.” Elmö nods acknowledgment but also offers comfort.

“Your loss is not insignificant, My Lord. All knew that you are…were as a father to Princess Erwyn.”

“Thank you, Elmö.” Xenograg stands and approaches Elmö. “As a matter of fact, my homeland recently became lost to me.”

“So we are both marooned in Rhydin.” Xenograg smiles a little.

“We are not trapped here,” corrects Xenograg. “We are simply…locked out of single place. Two, in my case. We have the rest of the multiverse open to us.”

“What shall I do here? What shall I be?”

“Honestly, anything you want. There is almost limitless opportunity. But that is for the future. As for now, you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. You are welcome in Xenodar, as well. Rest; heal; grieve.”

“Thank you, My Lord. I need to do all three. At the moment, I would like to eat.”

“There is an excellent tavern just down the street. Come, I will accompany you.”