Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Description of Dojo Darelir

floor planDojo Darelir stands on a side street near the outer gate of Rhydin City’s Old Temple District. There are no windows in the two-story external wall, only a thick wooden door and outer iron gate. The gate is guarded by turkic Rellugai warriors from Rhydin’s northern steppe.

Inside the gate is a foyer and guardroom then an inner garden courtyard open to the sky. The library and dojo proper are to the left, the stables and smithy to the right, and a simple shrine to the rear. Within the building a small household staff works and serves any guests. The staff lives on the second floor.

Those with magical awareness can sense Xenograg’s sorcerous wards as they pass through the front gate.

cut-away view of building
Cut-away graphic taken from Cradle of Civilization