Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

This Sorcerer’s Rod


Xenograg sits cross-legged within the magic circle inscribed upon the floor in Nom’s Tower of Sawrey Castle. His hands rest upon the wooden sword scabbard laying across his lap. The scabbard is capped in bronze at both ends with a bronze band midway down its length. Half of the scabbard’s surface bears either carved symbols, gemstones, or small bronze medallions. Xenograg’s left thumb is carefully placed over a just-carved glyph so that the blood from the pricked finger drips into it. His eyes are closed, his meditative posture a vehicle for focusing his psyche.

Xenograg has repeatedly told his students that preparation is the hallmark of any magician. He has also told them that a spell is not a thing but a process. Preparation and process are what Xenograg is engaged in at this moment. Now projecting into the astral planes, Xenograg gathers energy and shapes it to his purpose. The spell is begun here where time and energy are abundant. He works without haste, intent entirely upon quality. Once satisfied, Xenograg suspends the spell. It will remain thus until triggered or its energy dissipates after a period of time. Xenograg imbues the trigger into the new glyph on the astral analogue of the scabbard. Every symbol is or was a pre-prepared spell. In this way, Xenograg can appear to cast spells in mere seconds.