Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Sorcery is Battle Magic

By Adam E. Falk and Dawn Resz

Xenograg sees Murelle grasp her head in pain and faint. Instead of rushing to her aid, he turns to observe the entire room—with all three eyes. His face hardens in frustration as he is unable to detect anything. After a half-minute he gives up trying. Another half-minute is spent mentally digging for options. Opening one’s third eye also heightens cognition, allowing Xenograg to review the entire situation in that short time. An old idea is recalled. He returns from his short reverie with purpose, and looks for his apprentices.

“Amanda! Erwyn!” Xenograg calls out. Both girls turn their attention from Murelle and, hearing his tone, rush over. Xenograg begins issuing orders.

“Amanda: fetch my…our bannermen to Nom’s Tower. Erwyn: go to Nom’s Tower and prepare the pentacle. We have work to do.” Both girls supress their surprise and anxiety.

“Yes, Master,” they reply almost in unison and scurry from the room. Only now does Xenograg look to see how Murelle is. Queen Teleperien is attending to her personally. He waits patiently for a moment to inform Teleperien of his impressment of Erwyn.


Xenograg enters Nom’s Tower to find everything in readiness. Each Rellugai holds a four-foot-long roll of heavy cloth: one yellow with a gold border, the other light blue with a yellow border.

“Everyone get comfortable,” he says. “We are going to be here awhile.” He removes his boots and loosens his sash. The others follow suit with various personal choices.

“Sorcery is battle magic,” Xenograg lectures. “A core component is enchantment of the tools of war. Swords and armor, of course, but battles are won or lost by intangibles such as morale and intelligence. This is where the greatest effect can be achieved. The best medium of conveyance for these effects are the battle standards.”

“An area effect?” asks Erwyn. Xenograg nods.

“Yes. Not as far as line-of-sight, but far enough to reach the bulk of one’s army. Or out to the enemy’s.”

“What effect are we evoking?” ask Amanda.

“A ward to protect us all from the psychic intrusion of this monster. I admit that I am unsure as to how.” Taking a deep breath, Erwyn doesn’t quite understand what Xenograg plans on doing, not having preformed such sorcery.

“Master?” She cautiously says. “I felt something. A power of some sort when Lady GreyMantle took ill.” Xenograg looks at her with interest.

“Of what kind?” he asks, but she shakes her head.

“I cannot tell you, Master. I never felt it before. It was oppressive and evil, whatever it was.” Though she could not put it into words, she felt as though a dark power had found itself into the castle. It was not just evil, but heavy and oppressive. Inexperienced as she was with such evil, she shudders inwardly.

“Your feeling is enough to begin with,” Xenograg replies with satisfaction. He turns to Amanda. “Get your banner unrolled.” Amanda works with the Rellugai holding the light blue banner, unrolling it horizonally to its four-foot square limit. Xenograg directs them to bundle it a certain way upon the floor of the magic circle. He has the bannerman return to the side. The three mages now sit around the inside edge of the circle, part of the heavy cloth in each one’s lap.

“We shall now project astrally,” Xenograg instructs. ”First, Erwyn will share her sensing with us. Then we will seek to understand how that power works. Achieving that, we can devise a counter. Ready?” Both girls nod. ”Then we begin.” All three close their eyes in what appears to be meditation….

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