Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Minas Formenya


Spring has come to the northern steppe at last. Construction can now begin on the keep Xenograg said he would build here. Lómënolmë of Eldicor is in charge both here and at the quarry. He has overseen the construction of dozens of buildings larger than this one. Only the language barriers complicates this project. Xenograg has provided several interpreters so that Lómënolmë may find one he favors.

A small, temporary village is appearing nearby: home to teamsters, stonemasons, and scores of other necessary trades. There are presently no structures other than yurts and tents, but that will soon change. Further off to the north is an encampment of Rellugai. Its warriors guard both its own flocks and the construction site.

Xenograg steps out of his yurt and squints against the noonday sun. The two female guards on duty before the yurt make the simple Rellugai gesture to a superior, and Xenograg nods in acknowledgement. He then mounts the saddled pony reserved for him and rides towards the construction site. Lómënolmë has an “office” tent erected here. Xenograg dismounts and enters.

“Good day, Master Builder,” is Xenograg’s greeting to the Eldar. Lómënolmë sets down the document he is reading and stands.

“Good day, Your Excellency. Have you have brought the letters?”

“Yes, I have.” Xenograg reaches into his topcoat and takes out 5 folded sheets of paper. He promptly hands them over to Lómënolmë. The elf inspects each letter of credit carefully.

“Good. These are all in order.”

“Do you need any more?” asks Xenograg with a little tension. Those five letters were already a small fortune.

“Not for at least a month, My Lord, and I still have enough hard currency for incidental costs.”

“Fine. I will visit here several times a week, and thus accessible to your needs.”

“Thank you, My Lord. We are on schedule to present, and I do not expect any problems until after the foundation is laid.”

“Good. I shall not keep you further. Take care, Master Lómënolmë.” The elf bows his head before resuming both his seat and his reading. Xenograg exits the tent and remounts the pony. He rides around the entire site and camp, and also ventures out to speak with some of the Rellugai herders.

It is a good beginning.