Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Xenograg’s Dimension-Spanning Daily Routine

Xenograg is a busy man despite rising before dawn every day in Barsi. He performs his daily sorcerous rituals before waking Amaltea at mid-morning. Then he is off to Eldicor to apprentice his students which lasts until noon. He returns to Barsi for lunch with Amaltea and his son(s), followed by a short siesta of meditation or an actual nap. The afternoons are given to his duties in Barsi, with the occasional inclusion of Xenodar or Eldicor. Evenings are Xenograg’s flexible time. They run the gamut from court socializing (Barsi and Eldicor), to dueling, to a private evening with friends or family (one of the halves). Whenever possible, Xenograg returns to Eldicor to bid goodnight to Amanda, Erwyn, and Mystic. Finally, back to Barsi to do the same for his son(s) (if not too late) and to bed with Amaltea.

One thing makes all this possible: Xenograg’s set of dimension-spanning mirrors. Nestrian Palace, Sawrey Castle, and Dojo Darelir are like a single building for the ease in which Xenograg and his trusted friends move between them. Consequently, the mirrors are well protected by spells both without and within. Besides being located in shielded rooms at their various locations, the mirrors are programmed with access restrictions. Mystic, Erwyn, and Teleperien can only travel between Eldicor and Dojo Darelir. Alais had access to Demodar but that mirror was deactivated years ago by Xenograg. Amaltea and Amanda have access to all mirrors.