Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

On Amaltea of Barsi

Amaltea by Isaura Simon (18k)

(Art by Isaura Simon)

"It was through the Duel of Swords that I met my second wife, Amaltea of Barsi."

"We first met at a Duel of Swords tournament—I was the judge, she a contestant. She had a question which I answered. We talked again later during a lull in the action."

"From that conversation came Amaltea’s request for dueling instruction. She became one of the students of my dueling school, known as Dojo Darelir."

"She was lithe and beautiful, with green eyes and long red hair, but I had no thought at all of her romantically. I had accepted my widowerhood. I had been a widower so long it was part of who I was."

"It was Amaltea who chose me."

"We now have three wonderful children, two boys and a girl."