Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

On Teleperien of Eldicor

"I was a trusted friend of the late Queen Luthien of New Mountainside, in Rhydin. Upon her death, she willed to me certain Eldar treasures. She had told me that I was the best steward for them. I do not believe she meant for me to keep them permanently."

"I eventually approached the only other Noldor potentate in Rhydin, Queen Teleperien of Eldicor. The two elven queens had been on cordial terms but their realms were far apart."

"Initially reluctant, Queen Teleperien did accept ownership of Luthien’s legacy. Our months of discussion established another friendship between myself and an elven queen (my third). In time, my friendship with Teleperien surpassed that with Luthien."

"Queen Teleperien is very young—a little younger than myself—and still new to her throne. As with any personal friend of a monarch, I became an unofficial royal advisor. She has her consort and official counselors, of course, but they do not involve themselves in Rhydin. You could call my role strategic intelligence."

"The Queen is a gifted healer despite her youth. She has rescued me from death or maim several times, and has also healed my psyche. Teleperien has helped me recover lost memories so that I could become whole again."

"Teleperien and I have fought together in defense of Eldicor and Rhydin, both within and outside her realm. She had a superb hauberk of elven-wrought mail made for me, and has loaned me one of the royal heirloom swords, Nartelemna."

"My continued aid to Teleperien and her realm is an attempt to repay these great kindnesses."