Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Justice in Rhydin


(As published in The Oracle of Rhydin City.)

Dear Editor: the recent actions of the “Lawful Citizens Demanding Protection” have prompted me to write the following response for publication. Thank you for the consideration.

An open letter to the “Lawful Citizens Demanding Protection”:

You demand fair protection for your “daily business”—whatever that is—yet you destroy the property and livelihood of others. Actions speak louder than words. Pointing out injustice by committing it yourself is doubly reprehensible. You no longer abide by the laws you say you respect. You are no solution, just another problem.

You want police and protection; that presupposes the inclusion of justice. That does exist, just in less centralized forms. Guilds, neighborhoods, and other groups—like yours—have organized themselves and have various degrees of autonomy. Most function constructively, taking care of their own group’s needs. A few, like the various thieves’ guilds and street gangs, are problems—like you.

There also exists High Justice in the form of individuals with sovereign authority. While these individuals may act solely for the good of their own interests, some interests include the welfare of strangers and places not wholly their own, e.g. this city. The only appeal from high justice is in an afterlife.

Beware, for your own lawlessness shall evoke others’ lawful right to protect themselves. You will have chosen your own judges, and poorly.