Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

Tribute to Siera Redwin

Siera Redwin by David Hanagan (39k)
(Art by David Hanagan)

"The debt I owe Siera Redwin is too great to ever repay. I asked Siera to become the Darelir house champion following the death of Cullyn ap Bedwyr. A house champion is frequently the first to fall in any feud, in place of more important family members. Siera knew this and accepted the position anyway. A house champion is adopted into that family with all the legal rights accorded to one born to it. Siera Redwin became my kin as well as my friend. Siera was only the second outworlder I have allowed to enter my home dimension at will."
"At the time Siera became wathu-Darelir, I was secretly building an army in preparation for continuing a bloodfeud. Siera was the commander of my household troops. Female war leaders are even rarer in my homeland than normal, but Siera prevailed over prejudice and earned the respect of my entire household."
"Then came the Maytaen incursion into Cadonia. After weeks of studying Siera’s situation, I decided to aid her. Operating under an alias, I took my tiny army to Cadonia. While I did not improve the problem of Siera’s inferior numbers, I did provide her with the light cavalry she was lacking. Serving under Siera’s command, I harried Raelek’s flanks and performed crucial reconnaisance. With it the Cadonians were able to repulse the Mayteans."
"Soon after, my secret preparations were discovered by my enemy. With modifications, I decided to implement the original plan. Lack of readiness had to be compensated for by boldness. Siera was a great help to me as an advisor during the following weeks."
"The bloodfeud was resolved in the great Coliseum of Metsis. Once more we were outnumbered. Siera, Amaltea, and myself each had to win a series of death duels. Unbeknownst to my enemy, they faced three Overlords of the Rhydin Duel of Swords that day. As is customary, the house champions fought first. With her sword Bane in hand, Siera killed the Denir after a long, bloody fight. Although she was wounded and tired, I could not withdraw Siera from the battle. Siera slew three more men before collapsing. Losing consciousness, Siera wouldn’t know which side won the bloodfeud until she awoke days later—possibly in a prison cell."
"Thanks to Siera’s valiant deeds, we were victorious. The personal cost to her was high. The dagger wound to Siera’s left shoulder left her with a constant ache and some loss of use the rest of her days. Such a wound leads to retirement or death. I still wonder if it had any part in Siera’s death."
"This abridgment of events fails to do full justice to Siera Redwin. I hope it is enough."
"I miss you, Siera."