Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

On Grimblade

“General Grimblade: last of the Minions of Demograg; chief of the Largorahr; greatest of the Largorahr; last of the Largorahr.”

“‘Grimblade’ is a weapon-name. My people frequently name weapons, and a warrior can be addressed by the name of the weapon he bears, if either has some renown. The Grimblade was such a sword, and was given by Demograg to a young man of great talent. So honored, the young man chose to give up his birth name entirely.”

“The Largorahr were skilled warriors that were magically altered during the creation of the Empire. They were endowed with superior physical abilities and psychic defenses. The Largorahr served as the Imperial Guard and were responsible for many of the Emperor’s victories on the battlefield.”

“Grimblade, already one of Demograg’s key lieutenants, became the leader of this group—not willingly, however. The transformation process was excruciatingly painful; many men did not survive the ordeal. Those that did became powerful men but no longer fully human, and now dominated with anger and hate. They hated everyone and everything for what had happened to them. The Largorahr cherished war because it gave them a chance to vent their hate. Not even their fellow countrymen were spared; Largorahr frequently killed soldiers and officers simply for not instantly obeying them.”

“Many of the Largorahr were killed during the Great Rebellion. With the death of the Emperor, warlords fought over the Imperial throne. Grimblade left the capital with his remaining Largorahr guardsmen and retired into his desert fortress. Grimblade would come out and criticize each new emperor as an usurper to the Emperor’s title and authority. Only Emperor Xarr was strong enough to even think of trying to silence Grimblade. Over the years, Xarr succeeded in slaying all the other Largorahr. Grimblade survived Xarr, though.”

“My relationship with Grimblade was always an unstable one. The master Largorahr considered me weak, wasting the potential for ‘greatness’ I possess. Grimblade never hesitated to often and bluntly tell me this, either.”

“If a meeting ever came to blows, I knew I had no chance of defeating my former teacher. Even without being a Largorahr, Grimblade was a living legend with a sword. I was once a student of the great Grand Master Thurekar thu-Rukar, but Grimblade was that man’s protégé. Add to that Grimblade’s decades-more experience in combat (the magical augmentations also offset the effects of aging). In short, Grimblade was the most dangerous mortal I have ever known.”

“Grimblade is dead now. The Largorahr enchantment faded and he succumbed to his advanced age.”