Dojo Darelir, the School of Xenograg the Sorcerer

About the Aastego

"The Aastego are a race of winged humanoids. They inhabit a dimension called D'wyndane where I was once marooned for a few years. They are highly skilled in both magic and mundane crafts, especially weaving of which I have never seen their equal."

"Aastego are a reclusive and secretive race. There are a few individuals, though, who are curious about other species and walk among them in secret. They use illusions and alterations to hide their wings, talons, and bird-eyes. One of these adventurous types befriended me during my time in 'Dane. Sorcerer that I am, I still did not discern his true form. He revealed himself only during a surprise magical battle, and mere minutes before his death. Motivated by both sentiment and pragmatism, I buried my companion but kept his cloak, sash, double crossbow, and sword—all of superb quality. I do not regret that decision as each has guarded my life on numerous occasions."