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Elemental Blade of Fire

January 3, 2023

This new original content is an Easter Egg for myself. One of the first, crude pieces of role-playing fiction I wrote back in 1983 was a powerful magical sword called the Elemental Blade of Fire. It was owned by Xenograg’s father, and disappeared when he died. Xenograg has always desired it for himself though for childish reasons. Other writings in recent years gave me a new insight into the “how?”, “why?”, and “where?” questions regarding this legendary item. Finally brought together to start the new year.

Without further ado, Elemental Blade of Fire.

The Plan, Part One: the Monastery of Arra

December 11, 2022

My friend, Brian, has been working updating the in-character history of his fictional world. That got me looking back at my old writings. The bulk of mine concerns The Plan—when Xenograg sought vengeance for the extermination of his mother’s clan-house. The first draft was written in 1994. I cringed when I reread it the other day, but who does not cringe at their old work?

I edited and revised its first part to share with Brian and Andrea. As this website serves as my personal archive for my fiction, I am long overdue adding The Plan here.

Without further ado, Part One: The Monastery of Arra.

Fictional Timeline Added

July 21, 2022

I finally put the time and effort into finding and collating the events of the “Xenoverse” into a definitive timeline. It spans almost 90 in-character years and almost 40 real ones.

The link is also in the sidebar under “Latest Pages” and thus available from every page for the foreseeable future.